It’s no secret that Frank Iero of Frank Iero And The Patience is an amazing musician and an all-around great guy. If you catch him after a show, he's the sweetest guy around. But what you may not know is that Iero is also the unrelenting king of sick Twitter burns. So in his honor, here are 20 times Iero roasted his fans on Twitter.

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Iero is coming for you, Gordon Ramsay

A fan sent Iero a picture of their dinner. Iero was not impressed.

That’s a cow, Anna

Anna doesn’t know her farm animals very well. Good thing Iero was there to clear that one up!

Iero takes GWAR very seriously, as should you

If you don’t like GWAR, you will be muted. We think that’s fair.

What are those shoes?

Probably the best troll ever was when Iero told someone asking what shoes he was wearing that that’s what his feet look like. That’s one way to keep people from jacking your style.

The spoon emoji

What do you eat yogurt with, a fork? Leave the man to his emojis.

Bacon bits?

Someone didn’t know what Betty Crocker Baco’s Bacon Bits were. Iero directed them to

NJ CoatCore

Apparently Iero is pretty protective of his intellectual property. Don’t steal his band name ideas or you’ll catch some hands!

Don’t correct his spelling, you nerd

Many things can get you roasted by Iero on twitter, but one of the fastest ways is to correct his spelling.

You can’t handle the tweets!

He’s right, we definitely couldn’t handle a hundred pages of these zingers.

Don’t criticize his jokes

Currently waiting for Frank Iero stocks to go public so that we can buy them all and make the Patience play at our birthday parties.