Frank Turner has announced a new EP Mittens, as a followup to his latest record Positive Songs for Negative People. The new EP will feature the title track, along with four new songs, out March 4. This announcement also comes with an accompanying music video for "Mittens", which you can view with album info below. Pre-orderes are available now here, and come with a free download of the new track. 

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“’Mittens’ is a song about taking a risk for someone and letting your guard down,” Turner says. “It's based on a real experience I had where I was bothered about not getting a reply from someone, so I got obsessed with used postcards on a visit to a thrift store in New York. In the end she never did write back, but I like to think the risk was worth it, and I learned from the experience. With that in mind, I thought it would be cool to set up a website where people can send (virtual) postcards to each other, and use the opportunity to say something meaningful, to take a risk, and see what comes back. The video ties in with all of this — and my Elvis obsession — sometimes it's still worth it, even if you lose.”