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Yesterday was just one of those days when it was revealed that Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst will be furthering his movie-directing career with a new flick starring John Travolta. And now that the "Nookie" songsmith has shared the basic plot to the film, it looks like this is gonna be one stampeding disco elephant of a thriller. Read the movie synopsis below.

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Moose, directed and co-written by Durst, stars the Pulp Fiction actor in a celebrity stalker story inspired by events from the Bizkit man's life—and as Variety reported on Wednesday, filming for the movie is now underway. The last feature Durst directed was 2008 comedy The Long Shots, so a creepy, reality-based mystery from the musician sounds like a hair-raising experience.

Further piquing interest in the forthcoming film are the juicy plot details revealed on Instagram yesterday. In addition to dropping the names of more cast members (such as Devon Sawa and Ana Golja), Durst writes that the film has a heart-pounding third act that sounds insanely eerie. Check it out:

"A hyper, celebrity-obsessed man-child feels slighted by his favorite movie star at an autography convention," reads the synopsis, "and embarks on an unhinged quest to get a response from the actor—leading to a home invasion and a very long night that changes both men irreparably."

This description makes it sound like Moose could end up being a classic, The Bodyguard meets Misery-style, white-knuckle thriller. And, hey, it's no Battlefield Earth 2, so go ahead and alert the Academy that Fred Durst might be working on a major contender. Alright, partner? Just keep on rollin', baby.

See Durst's Moose plot reveal below:

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