From Ashes To New

Day One

Certainly, nü metal is a style that easily falls into the traps of mindless chugging guitars and clichéd sloganeering.  But when a band makes the genre work, it works well. From Ashes To New mastermind Matt Brandyberry proudly showcases his love for hip-hop grooves and spitfire on tracks such as “Land Of Make Believe” and “Shadows,” while the addition of some severe guitar riffs provides the sonic impact akin to a howitzer blast. Likewise, co-vocalist Chris Musser adds urgency on tracks like the fiery “Lost And Alone.”  Put another way, if Papa Roach is Dr. Bruce Banner, then FATN are the equivalent of the gamma ray-exposed Hulk. FATN bring nukes to a genre where everyone has been playing with firecrackers. 


The Last Time