From Indian Lakes

Everything Feels Better Now

Indie Pop Exploration

ROCKS LIKE: Polyenso, Radiohead, Mutemath

WHAT’S DIFFERENT: From Indian Lakes have softly shapeshifted from their emo-indebted beginnings to an electronic-tinged, subdued powerhouse that’s occasionally otherworldly and harder to classify. Their fourth LP is patient and reflective while retaining some of their livelier leanings.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Mastermind Joey Vannucchi dips his toes into minimal yet arresting ballads (“Hello”), chillwave (“American Dreams”), falsetto-topped new wave (“Sunlight”) and thoughtful, breathy takes that resemble Copeland at their absolute best (“Come Back”). These are wonderfully composed, engrossing ruminations on romantic desire, loss and growth that get more enchanting with every listen. 

OUR PICK: “Blank Tapes”