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You’ve likely heard of the internet famous Instagram account fuckjerry—you know, the one with 12.5 million followers that posts amazing memes and photos?

Well, it turns out that the account might just be in some serious legal trouble that isn't funny at all.

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According to TMZ, FuckJerry took control of a 16-year-old’s original account and has proceeded to make money off of the account—according to an AdWeek story, it’s reportedly $30,000 per sponsored post.

And that’s a lot.


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TMZ is reporting that the teenager’s father, Tom Chau, has filed the suit, claiming the company struck a deal to post promotional content to his son’s account. He is suing to regain control of the account and gain back the revenue his child has lost. Chau also explains that they did not get his approval to work with his son, who is a minor—which also isn’t legal or OK.

Chau says the deal should have ended in May, but Fuckjerry has seized control of the account and changed the password.

The teen’s new Instagram account is 3.1415926535897932384626433832, which is also has a hefty Insta following, with 2.6 million followers itself.


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