In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, fun.’s Nate Ruess revealed that he is deep into writing a new album—the band’s follow-up to 2012’s massive hit, Some Nights. The singer explains that while the process of making the album is moving along, he doesn’t want to rush into it after a long touring cycle for Some Nights:

"It's moving. There's an apprehension at first, because I don't want this thing to move too fast, because I want to be able to enjoy being at home," Ruess explained. "And with this album – and after being on the road for a few years – you can't help but think of how each song is gonna fit. You start thinking about what you're gonna want to play, and what you're gonna want to say."

He then goes on to discuss the contrasting nature of the new material vs. the old:

"It's weird to talk about this, but it is interesting when you look at a song like 'Some Nights.' I remember when writing it, the thought was, 'No one’s gonna understand this. This isn't gonna happen. And this is the last chance, and then I gotta go get a real job,'" he said. "The first song on this new album is like the opposite of that, lyrically. You know, 'You got what you wished for. What the fuck are you wishing for now?'"

Read the full interview on Rolling Stone. What do you think/hope the new fun. album will sound like? Let us know in the comments.