Few of us may have functioning VHS players, but Funko, in partnership with Target, is delivering movie shirts inside iconic VHS boxes.

You read that right. Funko is going beyond their well-known Pop!’s to create a line of ’80s VHS tees sold exclusively in Target stores according to Bloody Disgusting. Each movie-themed shirt will be packed inside its corresponding worn-out, albeit well-loved, VHS case.

Iconic movies such as Back To The Future, Beetlejuice and Gremlins are all part of the collection. Take a look for yourself down below.

This awesome Back To The Future shirt and Rocky threads.


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RoboCop and Bloodsport shirt duo you can’t refuse.

Funko Shirts- robocop

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Beetlejuice shirt and Gremlins tee are a necessity.

Funko shirts beetlejuice and gremlins

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Finally, this hilarious
Animal House tee, alongside a Fast Times At Ridgemont High shirt.

animal house funko shirt

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We feel all of the nostalgia right now. No release date or price has been released at this time.

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Funko has also been hard at work re-creating an iconic movie moment in Pop! form.

Over the weekend, BoxLunch (a division of Hot Topic) launched a Movie Moments figure showing one of the most memorable scenes from Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone.

The vinyl has Daniel Radcliffe’s Potter pushing his luggage and trusty companion Hedwig on a cart as they prepare to enter Platform 9 3/4. The 3 and 3-quarter inch figure has the details down to the plaid shirt he dons.

Funko’s site also carries a handful of “Movie Moments” including Stranger Things Steve vs. Demodog and Eleven & Demogorgon plus Marvel’s Captain America vs. Red Skull, which you can check out here.

What do you think about the ’80s movie tees? Let us know in the comments!