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Can you identify these musicians by their Funko Pop! figures?

The Funko Pop! craze has officially reached epic proportions. It’s come to the point that loyal fans are even creating their own custom figures of their favorite artists not included in the knick-knack catalog.

But how accurate are these square-headed likenesses to the original characters? The only way to find out is to test your knowledge with the musicians-turned-desk accessories.

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More on Funko Pop!

One fan of twenty one pilots made their own Funko Pops of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun that are absolutely incredible.

The Instagram users @msbeliever_71 shared that they made the dolls for the Clique convention happening next year in Columbus, OH.

“‪I made this set of @twentyonepilots funko pops especially for the Clique convention (@cliqueconvention) that’s happening in Columbus in June 2020. ,” they wrote.


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‪I made this set of @twentyonepilots funko pops especially for the Clique convention (@cliqueconvention) that’s happening in Columbus in June 2020. ‬ (I’ve had a few people asking if I could make and sell them a set of Twenty Øne Piløts Funko pops and the answer is still. Nope,Knope,Noughp What makes these Funkos so special are the many different looks the boys have brought to us over the years which is what inspires my creations. Morally I could never sell them for a profit and I wouldn’t be able to keep up trying to sell them at cost. Trust me.. if I could make everyone a set I totally would! But, that’s impossible so, I’ll stick to random giveaways to make it fair for everyone ||-// ) ‪#twentyonepilots #cliquecon #skeletonclique #cliqueart #FanArtFriday ‬

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We wish these were the real deal so we could snag them for ourselves, but we also love this fan’s artistic talent.

How did you score on our Funko quiz? Share your score in the comments below!

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