Nothing’s worse than a music video that thinks inside of the box. The best visuals have storylines, kooky characters or hilarious costumes—some of the musicians on this list even love wearing mustaches no matter the occasion. Most often, punk and rock artists are comfy with being nontraditional, and they’re usually creative when it comes to telling a story on screen. 

From Foo Fighters to Oliver Tree, these selections are sure to make you laugh and blast you back to the past. Here are 10 hilarious music videos that will help you crack a smile even in the darkest of times. 

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1. Oliver Tree – “Cash Machine”

Oliver Tree looks like a meme come to life with his trademark bowl cut, JNCO jeans, bright sunglasses and windbreaker. His style is enough to make listeners smile and wish they shared his confidence. Tree knows how to make a good music video, as each visual has the power to go viral. In “Cash Machine,” he rides in a huge pink limousine before taking to the water where he runs over some older people while they kayak and flips off a fellow rider. The end is quite literally explosive, making this perfect for anyone with a dark and quirky sense of humor. Other videos such as “Hurt” and “All That X Alien Boy” give off the same funny and well-directed energy. 

2. Marianas Trench – “Here’s To The Zeros”

Marianas Trench always deliver when it comes to their music videos. In this feature, viewers are transported to Mister Ramsay’s Neighborhood where lead singer Josh Ramsay dresses in colorful cardigans and is surrounded by wacky puppets reminiscent of the children’s show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Aside from the nostalgia and bright color pattern, this video is sure to make you get up and dance to release some endorphins to bring on those happy vibes. For Saturday Night Live fans, this track also features a lot of cowbell.

3. Weezer – “Pork And Beans”

Weezer always think big when sharing music videos. This time, they had help from some friends: internet celebrities and memes, to be exact. The band brought on recognizable celebrities from YouTube and other social media platforms to sculpt an internet extravaganza with too many pop culture references to count. Some featured personalities include Chris Crocker from the viral “Leave Britney Alone” video, Tay Zonday, who sang “Chocolate Rain” and Liam Kyle "Kelly" Sullivan, who shared “Shoes.” If you’ve been on the internet in the last 20 years, you’re sure to find something cringey and hilarious in this music video. 

4. Avril Lavigne – “Girlfriend”

Surely, there’s no other music video in the world where Avril Lavigne plays the part of the stick-in-the-mud girlfriend and the cute emo girl who gets the guy in the end. “Girlfriend” will take you back to high school hangs with friends and school dances. You can’t help but rock out and high kick to these riffs, and the end of the music video is sure to make you crack a smile. If you’ve never seen it, let’s just say there’s some plastic flamingos, a port-a-potty and one very unhappy character. 

5. All Time Low – “I Feel Like Dancin’”

All Time Low get signed to a major label and take a new direction for recording in the story for this music video. They’re forced to use product placement, sell sex and steal ideas. For the last part of the labels’ major plan, they dress the band up as Lady Gaga in her “Bad Romance” video (high heels included), Katy Perry from her “California Gurls” music video and Justin Bieber from his “Baby” music video. You can’t help but laugh when you see Alex Gaskarth wearing a blue wig with a cupcake bra on his chest or when you see the group making an attempt to pull off a Lady Gaga dance in tight white bodysuits. Frankly, a lot of All Time Low’s videos offer hilarious narratives.

6. Fall Out Boy – “I Don’t Care”

If your humor aligns with MTV’s Punk’d, you will laugh at Fall Out Boy’s video for “I Don’t Care.” Patrick Stump rips a walker away from an old man and robs a store while he and Pete Wentz are dressed as nuns. Also, drummer Andy Hurley smashes a little girl’s ice cream cone, while guitarist Joe Trohman flashes unsuspecting bystanders. The entire band become a troupe of hilarious assholes, but hey, they don’t care what you think in this music video. They even prank viewers at 2:02 by interrupting the music video with a black cat.

7. Foo Fighters – “Learn To Fly”

Foo Fighters appropriately made the music video setting for their hit “Learn To Fly” on a plane. Dave Grohl and co. show off their acting chops by portraying multiple goofy characters, including the co-pilots and flight attendants with tiny, thin mustaches. Tenacious D even make an appearance in the video and put sleeping powder in the coffee machine. Of course, Jack Black and Kyle Gass’ characters really throw a wrench into the plane’s operation and put people to sleep, including the pilots. For fans of the classic comedy film Airplane!, some characters may look familiar, too.

8. blink-182 – “First Date”

blink-182 share a meme-worthy performance in “First Date,” featuring the band in short-shorts living in 1970s suburbia. Tom DeLonge rocks a golden mullet with a mustache to match, which you probably recognize as a ever-popular GIF where he mouths “What the fuck?” in the music video. The band briefly channel the Bee Gees when they wear all white and gracefully walk across a flower-filled field with a pony. If you need more blink shenanigans, “What’s My Age Again?” is full of near-nudity, and “All The Small Things” parodies 2000s boy bands.

9. A Day To Remember – “Naivety”

Have you ever wondered what a punk band might look like at age 80? A Day To Remember give viewers that exact visual in “Naivety.” They tour in a van with wrinkles on their face, Depend undergarments in their trunk and their shirts tucked in. These characteristics are so far from what fans know ADTR to be that you can’t help but smile. Hopefully, they tour long enough so we get to see them in all of their true glory as old-timers.

10. New Found Glory – “Let It Go”

Over the years, New Found Glory have shared a variety of pop-punk covers across their EP series From The Screen To Your Stereo. On their most recent edition, they took the popular international hit “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen and made it heavy with riffs and bass. The band even dressed up as Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff to really get fans in the mood. Truly, nothing is funnier than when a grown man dons a bleach-blond side ponytail and a sparkly blue dress. They also hilariously covered and shot a video for Shrek’s “Accidentally In Love,” “Cups” from Pitch Perfect and many others. 

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