Fyre Festival is attempting to pay back the debt it owes by auctioning off some of the festival merchandise.

Billy McFarland, one of the heads of the festival, has been sentenced to six years in prison for fraud charges related to the festival. He owes about $26 million to festival goers.

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Now, to attempt to payback some of that debt, McFarland’s lawyer turned over some boxes with Fyre-branded clothing  items that were meant to be for sale at the festival. 

The Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office will action off the merch handed over and proceeds will be divided among certain parties owed money. 

“We have an assortment of the ‘real thing’ Fyre Festival-branded tee-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, hats, wristbands and medallions,” a spokesman for the United States Marshals Service’s Manhattan office said in a statement. “We know that there is tremendous interest in these items in the NY metro area in particular.”

Who knows how much the merch to celebrate the greatest party that never happened will sell for, but let’s hope it’s a lot so some people can be paid back.

Fyre Fest has gotten a lot of buzz recently since Netflix and Hulu released documentaries about the event, which was advertised as “the unparalleled best in music, cuisine, design and hospitality on a private island in the Exumas.”

However, according to patrons, the experience was anything but luxurious and ended with a plethora of lawsuits.

Fyre Festival attendees arrived to inadequate basic necessities—including food, housing and electricity—never mind the luxurious promises. Guests became stranded as they tried to evacuate the island due to an extreme lack of organization and infrastructure.

Fyre Media, a booking company from rapper Ja Rule and his tech partner McFarland, created the event.

Apparently, Ja Rule wasn’t satisfied and is planning another Fyre Festival-like party.

In other news, Netflix is getting sued by one of the festival goers for copyright infringement. The party claims the streaming platform used her footage of the festival without her permission.

What do you think of the Fyre Festival merch being auctioned off? Sound off in the comments below!

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