Last week, Halsey debuted her highly-anticipated new book of poems I Would Leave Me If I Could. Through these personal poems, Halsey offers a new look inside her life, struggles, thoughts and upbringing.

Since the book's release, however, fans have speculated that one particular poem is about her tumultuous relationship with former boyfriend G-Eazy. Now, a rep for the rapper has responded to these ongoing rumors.

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I Would Leave Me If I Could

Soon after its debut, however, one particular poem quickly caught the attention of many readers. In "Lighthouse," Halsey details a graphic and toxic relationship with an aggressive ex-boyfriend heavily into drugs. The ex-boyfriend is described as being "7 feet tall" with dark hair and the poem depicts a situation where he told her "I'm going to fucking kill you," a threat Halsey believed at the time.

Halsey and G-Eazy first began dating in 2017 before permanently ending things in September 2018. During that time, G-Eazy was charged with assault and drug possession in Sweden which relates back to the situations mentioned in "Lighthouse." However, despite fan speculation, Halsey has not confirmed or denied who the poem is about.

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Now, a representative for G-Eazy has responded to the rumors. According to Page Six, the representative calls these rumors untrue and "just irresponsible."

"We understand everyone’s desire to continually link them for sensationalist purposes, but she did not name any names, so for anyone to speculate is just irresponsible.”

Earlier this month, Halsey told Vogue that she cut out a lot of content in I Would Leave Me If I Could. The move was in efforts to not share too much about herself and her past experiences publicly.

"I definitely cut a lot of shit out, that’s for sure, because I do have to create boundaries for myself," she said. "A lot of this book is about relationships, betrayal, abandonment, and interpersonal communication. When you read a poem about something that happened to me when I was eight, maybe it’ll help you better understand the poem about something that happened to me when I was 24. Also, ever since I did the Women’s March speech, I’m not afraid of talking about sexual assault or misconduct. It’s far more common than any of us realize. So I do think it’s important to include it."

In the same interview, Halsey also revealed her eventual plans to make a punk rock album. As well, she detailed her desire to work with artists such as Harry Styles and Grimes in the future.

I Would Leave Me If I Couldhere

What are your reactions to Halsey's new poetry collection? Do you think "Lighthouse" is about G-Eazy? Let us know in the comments below