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Tattoo Gallery: Which APMA-nominated fanbase is the most dedicated?

July 03 2014, 12:51 PM EDT Cassie Whitt Photographer: Fan-submitted

  • These tattoos are proof that all our nominated fanbases are dedicated, but who should win? Your vote decides at!
  • Candace Wilson, All Time Low Hustler
  • Adrienne Maclachlan, All Time Low Hustler
  • Becky Serocki, All Time Low Hustler
  • Marissa Goedtel, All Time Low Hustler
  • Tyler Thornes, All Time Low Hustler
  • Dane Wannamaker, Avenged Sevenfold fan
  • Andy Ellis, Avenged Sevenfold fan
  • Daniel Heere, Avenged Sevenfold fan
  • Courtnie Stehlik, Avenged Sevenfold fan
  • Marcelo Tortora, Avenged Sevenfold fan
  • Courtney Campbell, Black Veil Brides Army
  • Mersadez Tanner, BVB Army
  • Barbara Witte, BVB Army
  • Morghan Minnick, BVB Army
  • Sequoya Rogers, BVB Army
  • Ariel Moreno, Mayday Parade fan
  • Colton Fears, Mayday Parade fan
  • Megan Spivey and her husband, Mayday Parade fans
  • Christina Yori, Mayday Parade Fan
  • Josh Thompson, Mayday Parade fan
  • Alex McCormick, MCRmy (My Chemical Romance)
  • Jay Chandler, MCRmy
  • Kathleen Loraine, MCRmy
  • Luis Dominguez, MCRmy
  • Andrew Sullivan, MCRmy
  • Lindsey McElroy, Pierce The Veil fan
  • Leanne DeMars, Pierce The Veil fan
  • Ashley Brents, Pierce The Veil fan
  • Marshall Hill, Pierce The Veil fan
  • Raegan Robinson, Pierce The Veil fan
  • Elizabeth Carrow representing Mayday Parade and All Time Low
  • Kayleigh Dreste representing Black Veil Brides and Pierce The Veil

When it comes to fandom, there's no dedication more permanent than a tattoo—so we turned to the AP universe to submit photos of their ink. Out of the hundreds of shots we received, here's a small portion of our favorites. 

Who goes hardest for their favorite bands? APMAs voting is open until July 15, so cast your votes on Most Dedicated Fans and more before it's too late! General Admission and VIP tickets are currently available, as well! Show up at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame July 21 or watch live on AXS TV to see who wins!

These photos were fan-submitted and some of them originally ran in our new APMAs commemorative issue. We've added some bonus outtakes here that we couldn't fit in the mag!