Plutonians popping up on an early spacecraft. (S1, E3 - “M. Night Shaym-Aliens!”): A little inhabitant of ex-planet Pluto appears to be being studied by the Zigerions during Rick and Morty’s escape.

11 Easter eggs in ‘Rick and Morty’ you might’ve missed

August 1, 2017
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Photographer: Cartoon Network

By Steven Loftin

Now that season three of Rick And Morty is in full swing, what better time to have a look back at the past seasons and to see those hidden Easter eggs you might not have caught — unless you’ve watched each episode 100 times like we have, in which case, add any we may have missed below.

From Jerry wanting to remember his favorite variation of Rick to the origins of the space parasites, the interdimensional world of Rick And Morty is a never-ending connection of places, people and, most importantly, things. Here’s some evidence to prove it.

Written by AltPress