Photographer: Kolby Schnelli

"All of our fans in Russia have always shown nothing but pure respect and love since the first time we toured there. We just played three unbelievable shows to kick off our Younger Dreams tour and it was an unreal feeling, a feeling that is hard to put into words. Walking out on stage, looking out to the crowd, seeing fans holding a Russian flag with "OUR LAST NIGHT IS HOME" written in huge letters, is a feeling that is indescribable. Hearing them sing EVERY word to EVERY song, when they can barely even speak our language is insane to us. They showed up, they supported and treated us in a way that we never imagined were possible. Russia to us has become more of a second home than any other place in the world. We will always continue to tour there for the remaining of our band's career. Our shows are more than just your average concert, it’s an experience that you remember for the rest of your life and if everything were to end right then and there, you would be happy. Our fans make us remember the exact reason we started this band. Not for money, not for fame, but for something that means much more to us, the music, art and the feeling of people who care.” -Trevor Wentworth