There's something about the nostalgia of a Game Boy Pocket that didn't actually fit in your pocket, or the OG Game Boy from good ole 1989. While these bad boys didn't have the protective casings we've been blessed with today, they still held up pretty well despite the endless amount of drops, cracks and dings they experienced over many years.

However, a few decades of wear and tear are bound to have our '90s gems looking a little rough. Dead screen, exploded batteries, faded yellow body covered in dust - as heartbreaking as it is there's no denying that some of our older gaming devices are in need of some major restoration.

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YouTube channel Odd Tinkering takes the restoration process of an original Game Boy and turns it into a 15-minute video that feels like an old-school ASMR dream.

From reconnecting wires to bathing the case in hydrogen peroxide, Odd Tinker's mic doesn't pick up any music or voiceovers but instead captures the noises of hard work and some major dedication.

It's weirdly soothing to hear the pop of the AA batteries in a way that you'd have to watch to fully understand.

The video's description states the entire restoration took 15-20 hours in total, recommending that you do not attempt to do this yourself unless you're willing to break your Game Boy.

“This is not a tutorial but a piece of entertainment,” the description reads, “and something to give you inspiration what to find out before starting project like this.”

Check out the full Game Boy ASMR video below!

The nostalgia is real.

Do you still have your Game Boy or Game Boy Pocket? Is yours still playable? What was your favorite game to play on these handheld gems? Sound off in the comments below!

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