[Photo by Samantha Monendo]

Listen to Alicia Gaines of Ganser’s Black History Month playlist

This Black History Month, AltPress is passing the mic to some of our favorite artists so they can highlight the Black artists and Black-fronted bands they’re listening to right now.

Ganser make the type of brooding post-punk that asks you to challenge your own dread, rather than be consumed by it. It’s a glimmer of hope that cracks through the surface of their music, channeled by a love for their craft and a desire to bring more depth to the genre. Their latest EP, Nothing You Do Matters, is their sharpest offering yet, full of bite, tension, and spunk. Along with a fresh lineup, the Chicago quartet are sure to attract plenty of people who will fall in love with their vision this year.

Most of all, Ganser are a band with poise and purpose, and that’s reflected in what they listen to. Bassist/vocalist Alicia Gaines linked with Alternative Press to share some of her favorite songs from Black artists, from funk geniuses to hardcore groundbreakers.

“Truth be told, I don’t really listen to other Black artists for our shared racial background. However, these are artists I deeply enjoy. Bands like TV on the Radio showed me it’s possible, and I do try to support other Black artists when I can because the industry is still heavily weighted against us,” she says. “I don’t like being as rare as I am in rock — the hypervisibility/invisibility cocktail isn’t new, though. I’ve included Tina Bell from Bam Bam and Betty Davis here, two women that really should have more, if any, documentation of their time here on Earth making music. Other Black artists, even outside of music, have been some of our strongest supporters for what we do in Ganser, and for that I’m grateful.”

Check out her playlist below and discover someone new.