Not Your Kind Of People

This review originally ran in AP 287.

There’s a good reason Hayley Williams paid homage to Garbage frontvixen Shirley Manson in AP 264: Both women are tough-as-nails vocal dynamos with boatloads of attitude and talent. That’s evident all over Not Your Kind Of People, the electro-shocked band’s first album in seven years. On “Automatic System Habit,” Manson snarls, “I won’t be your dirty little secret,” atop layers of disorienting electronic tidal waves and slashing guitars; on the creepy “Sugar,” she seductively beckons a reluctant lover in a lower register. Elsewhere, bold digital brushstrokes (pounding industrial beats on “I Hate Love”) and heavy rock elements (the swirling shoegaze riffs of “Felt”) alternate with mellower flourishes (the spy-flick ambience of the title track). Garbage were always futuristic, but this album proves they’re still ahead of the curve.