A few weeks ago, Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt revealed he was suffering from all of the symptoms of the COVID-19 coronavirus and today he's confirming he has tested positive.

In a now-deleted post on his Instagram account, Holt explains that his test results came back positive while his wife Lisa tested negative.

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Earlier this month, Holt said he is suffering from the various symptoms of COVID-19. He hadn't been tested at the time but was saddened about not being able to see his grandkids.

He kept fans in the loop though, sharing a photo of him and his wife wearing face masks and confirming they had been tested on March 20. In that post, he also discusses the unpleasantness of being tested which he remarked saying "the probe, I swear they require a bit of your brain, they shoved that thing WAY up there and it sucked!"

Holt and his wife patiently waited for their results while he noted he wasn't feeling symptomatic any longer.

Now, according to Lambgoat, Holt had this to say about his diagnosis. Today he shared a photo on Instagram discussing his results as well as the time frame for his symptoms lining up with him being clear to do basic things like grocery shopping trips.

"So I finally received my test results back and positive it was. Lisa's came back negative, and it's been long enough since my symptoms that I am officially in the clear to do the only things I'm allowed, like buy my own groceries! I feel great, made it through the tougher moments, and my health feels 100 percent normal. Thanks to everyone who had wished us well. Now it's time to start working on some new Exodus riffs while I'm still basically stuck in my house!"

Exodus were on a European tour with Testament and Death Angel at the time when countless bands were canceling or postponing the remainder of their shows.

Since then, several members of the bands on that tour have tested positive for COVID-19.

Testament vocalist Chuck Billy confirmed he had the virus and discussed his experience with Rolling Stone.

“Once we hit the ground, we just kept in contact with each other, and one by one, people just weren’t feeling good. And then talking amongst the other bands, other people weren’t feeling well, either. It was this common thing that was occurring in this 24-hour window amongst all of us that were traveling together. So we all just stayed in touch and had the suspicion that we all had the same body aches and the headaches. And we just felt really wiped out. For us, we could have mistaken it for jet lag. You know, ‘Tour’s over, we’re tired, we traveled a long way.’”

Death Angel drummer Will Carroll seems to have been hit the hardest out of the crew on the tour. In a new interview with Eddie Trunk, Billy explains that Carroll is in the ICU and on a ventilator.

“Will had to go to the hospital. He’s in ICU on a ventilator right now… I believe he was the first one to test positive [for COVID-19], and then myself and a couple of crew guys. And I know Gary and his wife tested; I think they’re still waiting for the results. But a lot of us [experienced] the same feeling — just feeling really tired, body aching, chest tight and short of breath."

Holt also shared a photo confirming the news prior to Billy's interview.

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