Juggalos are easily one of the wildest groups of music fans, but one attendee of the Gathering Of The Juggalos isn't as stoked about their weirdness as others.

Ohio resident Adam Batton is allegedly suing Ninjas in Action, a Michigan group that was holding the 20th annual as well as the Lawrence County Recreational Park after a legless Juggalo ran into him with a golf cart.

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Batton filed the lawsuit for negligence in Indiana Superior Court on August 28 for sustaining serious and permanent bodily injuries.

Despite the festival prohibited golf carts, four wheelers or motorized vehicles, Batton says numerous were driving around the grounds.

He says he isn't a Juggalo himself, but was filming a documentary at the event.

After seeing vehicles on day one, Batton says he left to a nearby Walmart to buy a small motorized bike.

On the final night, he says he was riding his bike when a golf cart with no headlights began driving erratically downhill towards him.

The driver of the golf cart, a well known Juggalo named Alexander “Less Legs” Perkins, crashed into him.

“Perkins was operating the golf cart peddles with a baseball bat, and after the collision it was apparent he was intoxicated on drugs and/or alcohol,” Batton’s lawsuit states.

Perkins, who isn't named in the suit, tells TMZ Batton's version of the events is untrue. He says he had permission to use the golf cart due to his disability. Further, he says Batton was on the wrong side of the road and crashed into him.

He also said that while he used the bat to operate the pedals, he was “stone-cold sober.”

Batton is seeking damages for loss of income and medical costs against the festival organizers and park officials. He's claiming failure to take reasonable measures to protect his safety and failure to enforce festival rules.

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