Earlier today, The Umbrella Academy unleashed its first official trailer. It was clear from the first note that the comic’s creator Gerard Way was offering up the soundtrack in small snippets throughout the clip.

Way then took to Instagram to confirm and reveal he recruited drummer Jarrod Alexander and former My Chemical Romance bandmate Ray Toro to cover Simon & Garfunkel’s “A Hazy Shade of Winter.” Now, the full track has hit streaming services.

“This is surreal and exciting and just wild,” Way wrote in an Instagram post earlier today. “Getting to cover ‘[A] Hazy Shade Of Winter’ for this with Ray Toro and Jarrod Alexander was so much fun. Can’t wait for you all to see the show when it comes out February 15th on Netflix. The cast and crew and Steve Blackman the showrunner did a spectacular job with our baby.”

Way also recently worked with both musicians on some new solo material. He teamed up with Alexander on most recent single, “Dasher,” which also features the Regrettes Lydia Night, in December.

Meanwhile, Toro appears on Way’s previous single, “Getting Down The Germs,” which debuted in November.

Way’s contribution makes sense as he recently discussed that he was covering something for the series during a panel at Brazil’s CCXP in December.

Reddit u/3raz3t uncovered the clip earlier this month.

“I have offered my services, you know, to say that I’m available for what they need,” Way explains. “I have a studio now. I can’t say which song that I did for them, but I did a song that’s very integral to one of the episodes, and it’s a cover song, but I can’t say which one it is yet. So they asked me to do a song, and I did one song.”

You can check out the full track here or below.

The Umbrella Academy hits Netflix Feb. 15. Check out the full trailer below.

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