Gerard Way has recently taken to Instagram to promote his forthcoming contribution to Doom Patrol: Weight Of The Worlds. Gerard’s post follows the the resurgence of Young Animal, a DC Comics imprint that he helped establish.

Additionally, Gerard shares the two other books that will be joining Doom Patrol: Weight Of The Worlds in the Young Animal revival. As previously reported, Mikey Way will unleash his comic series, Collapser. The third series is called Far Sector and will be written by N.K. Jemisin with art by Jamal Campbell.

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So excited Young Animal is coming back,” Gerard says in an Instagram post. “We’ve been working tirelessly in the background for a while to bring you more Doom Patrol, and two new books—Collapser and Far Sector.”

In the post, Gerard reveals exactly who worked on the forthcoming Doom Patrol: Weight Of The Worlds. The lineup includes co-writer Jeremy Lambert, artists and collaborators James Harvey, Doc Shaner, Nick Pitarra, Becky Cloonan, Michael Conrad and Tamra Bonvillain, among many others.

Doom Patrol: Weight Of The Worlds will drop July 3.


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So excited Young Animal is coming back! We’ve been working tirelessly in the background for a while to bring you more Doom Patrol, and two new books— Collapser and Far Sector. I’m going to give you a glimpse of each one in the next few posts, starting with Doom Patrol. Many people will be working on this next incarnation of the World’s Strangest Heroes. I’d like to welcome my co-writer Jeremy Lambert (@jeremyfranklambert) as well as the following artists and collaborators— James Harvey (@harveyjamz), Doc Shaner (@doc_shaner), Nick Pitarra (@nickpitarra), Becky Cloonan (@beckycloonan), Michael Conrad (@michaelwconrad)and welcome back Tamra Bonvillain on the issues not colored by the line artists. And Todd Klein on letters. And of course, the amazing Nick Derington (@nickderington) on covers. So a lot of the old gang is still here. Drops July 3rd! #DCYoungAnimal #DCComics #DoomPatrol

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Of his brother’s comic, Gerard shares a very wholesome few points about the plot. Additionally, Gerard points out that today is actually National Sibling Day.

“Next up we have Collapser, penned by my brother Mikey Way (I think it’s national sibling day too!), and my sometimes writing partner Shaun Simon.

“This is a story about a guy with near crippling anxiety and a black hole struck inside of him, which are kind of the same exact thing.”

Collapser will drop July 17. You can read more on Mikey's Collapser here.

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Finally, Gerard promotes Far Sector, which will be an all-new take on the Green Lantern story.

Far Sector will drop sometime in the fall.

Which comic are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.

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