Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá sat down for an interview with Collider about their forthcoming Netflix show, the Umbrella Academy. The pair discussed their hopes for the show’s longevity and what fans can expect to see on their screens.

When prompted about the show’s long-term direction, Way said that Netflix “wants to know where it’s heading.”

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Way says that at the beginning of the comic-to-screen process, he made showrunner Steve Blackman and the rest of the writers an 18-page document that summarized where he thinks the series will go. The document even included projected ideas for comics that hadn’t even been written yet. Way says that by the end, he hopes to have eight completed graphic novels.

“I gave them the blueprint for what happens,” Way says. “Because you do want to see certain things in there for future series. The hope is that it’s a success and you get to do a lot more of these. They’re always curious about what Gabriel and I are doing next.”

Additionally, Way and Bá discussed what fans should be most excited about in the new series.

“I think what we wanted to get accomplished in the move was to really see these characters expanded and the story told in longer-form,” Way says. “So you could get more out of it and spend more time with the characters.”

“My favorite things about the show are that they keep the weird ideas,” Way continues.“They’re still there. There are some really heavy concepts to get your head around, and the show really stays true to that.”

You can watch the full interview below.

The Umbrella Academy hits Netflix Feb. 15 of this year. Watch the teaser trailer for the series below.

What elements of the Umbrella Academy are you most excited to see come to life on the screen? Let us know in the comments below.

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