Just in time for the East Coast and Midwest cold and flu season, Gerard Way and Reprise Records have issued a new single, “Getting Down The Germs.” It’s the follow-up to his last track, the Halloween-based love song, “Baby, You’re A Haunted House,” which came out Oct. 25.

“I had really been wanting a song that featured the flute prominently for quite some time,” Way says about the track, which sounds like a hybrid mix of ’70s-rock stalwarts as the Rolling Stones and Traffic, laced with a contemporary swagger that’s quintessentially Gerard.

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“It sits in there perfectly, like it was made to pay the song a visit,” he continues. “The whole song reminds me of wiggling, squiggling, wormy germs. It’s a very calm affair that shows a peek into where I may be heading musically. I hope you enjoy it. It was fun to make.”

Way (on vocals and guitar) and former My Chemical Romance bandmate Ray Toro (bass and drums) are joined by flautist Sara Andon, who has played in symphony orchestras and on film scores. As usual, Hesitant Alien producer Doug McKean oversees the production duties.

Prior to this and October’s “Baby, You’re A Haunted House,” the last we heard from Way was another Toro matchup. The duo dropped two songs for a Record Store Day 2017 release (“Into The Cave We Wander” and “Pogi’s Cavern”).

Rumor has it (and that’s all we’ve got; we can find more stuff out about our government easier than we can get up with what G’s doing) that there might be one more single to be released before the end of 2018. In typical Way fashion, we expect that it will sound completely different from everything else he’s released this year.  

Check out “Getting Down The Germs” below.

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