In 2014, My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way teamed up with Wrongchilde (aka Mat Devine, formerly of Kill Hannah) for the song, “Falling In Love Will Kill You.”  Now respected producer Tommie Sunshine and dance-groove specialists Disco Fries have turned the track into an electronic club anthem.

“Sometimes you hear a song and it’s exactly as it needs to be,” Sunshine opines. “Other times you hear a song and you immediately know what you’re going to do to it. These vocals from Wrongchilde and Gerard Way are very special and we wrapped them in delicate production to match. We are stepping into an era with no boundaries, so jump on this spaceship with us, let the music wash you clean and leave your earthbound toils and troubles behind you."

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The song originally appeared on Wrongchilde's 2014 album, Gold Blooded as a tender acoustic ballad. Sunshine approached Wrongchilde with an idea to reconfigure the song as an electronic dance track that still maintained the original emotional context. Sunshine then brought in party-startin' duo Disco Fries to get the job done.

“After Kill Hannah split up, I acted on the Spider-Man Broadway show (Turn Off The Dark) and I found myself alone and without a band for the first time in my life,” Wrongchilde recalls. “I had to go back to basics, and the first song I wrote on acoustic guitar was ‘Falling In Love Will Kill You.’

“Gerard was working on his solo record [Hesitant Alien] in North Hollywood, and by some miracle, he was generous enough to come in and lay down vocals, which ended up being a Masterclass for me. He’s a guru. I never imagined it being a duet, but now I can’t hear it any other way.”

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"Tommie Sunshine and I have been close friends for 20 years, and he had the bizarre idea of taking this moody acoustic ballad and reinventing it as a dance song with Disco Fries!"

“Once we dug in, we kept slowing down what we were creating together so the track had space and felt as patient as the vocal," says Disco Fries. 'Falling In Love Will Kill You' always felt like it was going to be more than just a dance-pop record and we ended up capturing a sound that we haven’t touched before. This song became something we can stand behind 15 years from now, as genres change, it’ll still stand the test of time."

Check out the tracks below and tell us below which one you prefer.

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