This month, DC Comics relaunches the Young Animal line, with less than one week to go until the release of CollapserSYFY WIRE sat down with Gerard Way and Mikey Way to discuss their releases and what we can expect with the future of Young Animal.

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Gerard is once again tackling Doom Patrol alongside co-writer Jeremy Lambert and artist James Harvey.

"I feel pretty loosened up now," Gerard admits. "I think it took me 12 issues to really fully get it. By the 13th, I think I fully understand this now. It's a psychedelic trip through this big vast universe that they're kind of in now. Each issue is kind of like its own special problem or setting or scenario. It's basically resolved by the time the issue is done. It's a lot less like the first series, which was this really long kind of epic 11-issue thing. This is more self-contained."

Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds #1 is currently on sale now.

Collapser, co-written by Mikey and Shaun Simon and drawn by Ilias Kyriazis, is slated to arrive in stores this Wednesday, July 17.

Mikey dove into the details behind the forthcoming book.

"It's [about] a twenty-something kid named Liam James," Mikey explains. "He's kind of stuck between real-world responsibilities and his dreams and aspirations of becoming a world-renowned DJ. He wakes up one day and has a big responsibility [because] his mom leaves him something... He gets otherworldly powers and he opens up his city to become a warscape for an intergalactic arms race that centers around him."

You can check out the full interview, below.

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