According to a tweet from director Kevin Smith, former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has recorded a song which will be featured in his upcoming film Tusk. The Clerks director, who has been known to nerd out with Way over comics on his Smodcast and Hulu show Spoilers, describes the song as "achingly beautiful." 

Tusk, a horror film about which there are few details yet, was filmed last year and the premise, according to IMDB is: "When his best friend and podcast co-host goes missing in the backwoods of Canada, a young guy joins forces with his friend's girlfriend to search for him."

A press release for the film, which was still in production as of January, described it as "a modern-day monster movie that follows a journalist named Wallace (Justin Long) who finds the story of a lifetime in Mr. Howe (Michael Parks) a worldwide adventurer with amazing tales and a curious penchant for walruses." 

Tusk is tentatively set for release this fall. 


UPDATED: April 10, 2014

Gerard has clarified that the song he recorded for the song, though rearranged and rewritten is not an original. It is actually, as Smith revealed in an interview with KROQ, "an old English folk song written in the 1600s entitled [sic] ‘Oh, Waly, Waly." 

"Gerard turned the piece into this achingly beautiful, haunting declaration of undying, hopeless love," Smith said. “If you’ve ever been in that kind of love, this song will crush you. It’s such a heartbreaker, you can’t help but well up with tears. You could play this track at a wedding or at a funeral and it would be equally appropriate in both places."

Stream one of those many covers of "Oh, Waly, Waly" or "The Water Is Wide" below:


Meanwhile, Way was recently busy mixing his newest musical endeavor in Wales. Catch a snippet of what may be to come from him in the below fan recording of "Millions," which Way debuted last October at his and Grant Morrisson's GRAPHIC panel at the Sydney Opera House: