Gerard Way posted an emotional look back on 2016 on his website—sharing his thoughts on the passing of Carrie Fisher and George Michael—as well as looking forward to what the new year what might have in store.

In addition to his continued work on Young Animal, Way hinted towards new music—and the fact that it might include some “really weird stuff," possibly connected to the comics themselves.

“I look forward to making some really weird stuff here, and mine for the really hard to get diamonds. Moving into the new year, my focus will become split into music and comics,” Way says.

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Since his last update in October, Way says he has made himself scarce to do some thinking and personal growth, saying the last couple years have been a journey for him. However, after taking time for himself and his learning, he has found himself in the most mentally healthy state he has been in a long time. He clarifies that he has had a continuous flood of ideas, and looking ahead, he is working to create a space for himself to record what he's been working on.

“It’s been a moment. And a trying time since October when we last spoke. I basically hit a point where I didn’t feel like I had anything constructive to contribute, so I made myself scarce... After getting over a hump, I have been the most mentally healthy I could possibly be in a long time," Way says. "I am always writing music, I am very lucky that way—there is always an idea and something that inspires me, even if it takes me a minute to figure out what I want to say, which is what really creates the space between releases." 

Even with new music, he says he will continue to expand on his comics, too. He has been focused and busy with writing Doom Patrol and heading Young Animal, with hopes to re-engage with Umbrella Academy soon.

“We will continue to expand Young Animal and it has been made known to me that the imprint is an essential part of DC Comics moving forward. That is a nice feeling," Way says. "I’m excited to keep doing it."

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Alongside updates about his continued work, he also shared his grief on the passing of some of the biggest artists and advocates—George Michael and Carrie Fisher. He applauds Fisher’s work for creating a dialogue surrounding mental health and addiction.

“Carrie Fisher. That was a kind of wake up call. It was another moment where I felt like just closing myself off again. Of course, like many people, I am a big fan of her work on screen, and she contributed a great deal to my childhood, but it was also her advocacy for mental health, her outspoken critique of celebrity and industry, and her openness about addiction that I always respected tremendously. And her way of being inspired me, opening the doors to talk about mental health,” Way says.

Artist George Michael’s struggles in the public eye and continued charitable acts have inspired him as well.

“And George Michael—a booming voice, an amazing talent, and a quietly charitable individual. Watching him struggle over the years with being in the public eye had been difficult, and eventually something I think everyone can now relate to, us all being in the public eye constantly. He inspired me in many ways," Way says. "We lost so many amazing and talented people this year, my thoughts are with all of them."

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