It's been almost a year since Get Out made its way into theaters, and for people who may have missed out on seeing the iconic film in theaters, you're in luck! The film is making its way back onto the big screen—and you can even see it for free.

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The film’s director, Jordan Peele, shared the news that for one day only, Get Out would be screened in participating theaters for free, and everyone is encouraged to attend.

"It’s been a year since Get Out opened in theaters. As a small thank you to the fans who made the film a success, Universal and I wanted to give something back…We are holding free screenings of Get Out for audiences across the country."

Select AMC Theatres will be hosting screenings on Presidents Day, Feb. 19. Tickets will be in a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to head to your local AMC early if you want a spot in the audience. 

If the free ticket cost isn’t enough to convince you to go see the film on the big screen, maybe hearing Peele's advice on the best way of seeing his thriller might motivate you to see the cinematic hit.

“Believe me, Get Out is a movie best seen in theaters. It’s all about that theatrical experience so please, go.” 

We don’t think we need anymore convincing than that! For further information about the free screenings, you can visit