It's been almost a year since the politically charged horror film Get Out made its way into theaters, and it looks like the production company behind the horror flick is set to be making another one. 

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As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Blumhouse and Universal are teaming up once again, this time alongside Lost and The Leftovers co-creator Damon Lindelof, to work on a new thriller called The Hunt

Details of the new film are still being kept underwraps, but sources told THR that the film will take inspiration from the current political climate that the United States is currently in. There will also be a direct focus on the friction between the left and right leaning that will reach a violent level in the film's plot. 

As THR reports, Lindelof and Nick Cuse (The Leftovers writer) will be penning the script for the upcoming politically charged horror flick alongside Z For Zachariah helmer Craig Zobel to direct. Jason Blum of Blumhouse is set to produce the film alongside Lindelof, who will produce via his White Rabbit shingle. 

The horror film won't be a first for Blumhouse as last year the production studio helped produce one of the biggest thrillers of 2017 with Jordan Peele's Get Out—which, as previously reported, was a film that hit theaters Feb. 24 of last year and raked in $254 million worldwide at the box offices.

With the major success of Get Out under Blumhouse's belt, we're pretty excited to see what comes of The Hunt

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