London Falling, the new project from Mest frontman Tony Lovato, gave AP the first listen to their first single, “Nightmare,” before it goes on digital sale tomorrow.

Lovato worked with bassist Ronnie Ficarro (Falling In Reverse, ex-I Am Ghost) on the song, which is about a friend he made over a summer with some influence from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. When Lovato left town after the summer, he wanted the friend to join him, but he says the friend couldn’t leave.

“They had never left the city they grew up in and were scared of the unknown. After trying to make things work from afar, it just turned more and more into a nightmare,” he says. “It made me think about how Jack [Skellington] wanted to explore the unknown and Sally was too scared. The friendship ended around Halloween. Perfect timing to sing about my own 'Nightmare.’”

“Nightmare” comes off London Falling’s upcoming EP. In the meantime, they’re opening on the Three-Headed Monstour, where Lovato will perform twice each night; once with London Falling and once with Mest.