Shock rock band Ghost have the perfect aesthetic for the Halloween season, and from the look of their 2019 holiday gear, it's pretty easy to see they're a step above most bands in terms of marketing themselves well.

Every October, metal fans think up ways they can sport their music taste with their costume and though SlipknotKing DiamondGWAR and other bands make fantastic costumes, they're either too much work, too expensive or look bad.

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According to Kerrang, Ghost are pulling off the best range of spooky gear for people to dress up in and we couldn't agree more. The only band to somewhat rival their collection of merch would be Slipknot but with them, you have to pay a hefty price to make a good looking costume.

You can find high-quality versions of pretty well every Slipknot mask to ever exist and look generally like a member of the band but to the vast majority of people, your costume won't make much sense or will just look like "a Slipknot member."

Ghost, on the other hand, have branded themselves well enough that you can instantly distinguish Papa Emeritus from a Nameless Ghoul and get the idea. Further, if you're around non-metalheads they'll just think you're a dead priest. Absolutely no one wants to spend their entire Halloween explaining to people what they're dressed as and most metal band outfits will lead to exactly that.

On top of the versatility of their aesthetic, the band gives some options for how much you want to spend on an outfit while still getting a good look. Looking here, you can see a decent outfit coming together pretty cheaply or you can go all out for a lot more cash. It's that range in prices that makes their look work so well though because no matter your income you can easily participate.

The outfits are also not clunky to wear which is a huge selling point. The masks aren't huge or restricting, the clothing is loose and flowing without looking like it'll snag on everything in sight and carrying around an accessory all night isn't absolutely necessary.

There are even costumes copying the band's look this year so you might see non-metalheads start turning the characters into general Halloween costumes more and more in the coming years. Sure, people have always rocked pope outfits around the spooky season but the robe, mask, hat and scepter are all a little too close to call original.

Do you think Ghost have the best choices for heavy metal Halloween costumes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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