Were you awesome last year? Or did you get coal for Christmas? If Tobias Forge, the guiding force behind metal gods Ghost got some, you know he did something hella cool with it. And for good reason: Ghost are undeniably one of the most powerful forces in the worlds of hard rock and heavy metal. 

Commanding legions of fans under the the joyous guise of an elaborate Satanic church, Ghost seemingly have the power to manifest any whim that bandleader/visionary Forge can conjure. Despite their massive artistic prestige and skyrocketing notoriety (and, you know, being tight with the devil), Ghost must still succumb to the will of the most powerful and evil forces on the planet—the almighty dollar.

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“Most of the things I’ve come up with aren’t done yet,” Forge reveals to APTV’s Bobby Makar. “I haven’t done them. Because so many of them are ending up with [industry types saying], ‘We can’t do that right now.’ Or, ‘We don’t have time for that right now.’ Essentially, you can do anything. You just have to feel like it [is worth doing] so much that it is worth going through that whole process of selling it to everyone, then orchestrating everything and then stand[ing] for it.”

In this APTV exclusive, Forge discusses his frustrations trying to bring his decadent visions to life—and on budget. The Ghost with the most talks about unfinished projects, namely two music videos from their back catalog that have yet to be produced. “Good ideas,” he begins, “You can have them, and you never know when you can use them. Or maybe try them on and it’s a shitty idea.”

And finally, did you ever wonder what influential songwriter Leonard Cohen, martial arts avatar Bruce Lee, bona fide rock god Freddie Mercury and er...specialty actor John Holmes all have in common? Watch Forge tell all on APTV. Besides, it’s cooler coming out of his mouth than ours…