Ghostemane is back with his new single "Lazaretto." Directed by Poppy, the track's chaotic new video truly brings some of our biggest nightmares to life.

"Lazaretto" is off of Ghostemane's forthcoming album ANTI-ICON.

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Back in July, Poppy and Ghostemane confirmed they are engaged. The couple took to social media to share the news and show off Poppy's unique engagement ring.

Now, it looks like Poppy is collaborating with Ghostemane on his latest project. She directed his chaotically riveting new video for "Lazaretto."

In the industrial-style video, Ghostemane confronts a number of nightmare-ish obstacles including a creepy Mickey Mouse. Using shakey frames and various elements such as water and fire, the video truly brings the disorderly sound of "Lazaretto" to life.

"Lazaretto" is the latest song from Ghostemane's forthcoming album ANTI-ICON. Arriving on Oct. 21, the LP is the culmination of Ghostemane’s career-spanning musical mutations. According to Ghostemane, ANTI-ICON is all about the battles that rage inside of us.

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"The rise and fall. Ecstasy in pain. The fragility of the quiet moments after the crash. The deafening silence filling your brain, forcing you to scream it away. The battles raging inside you. That's the sound of ANTI-ICON."

Recently, fans got a preview of the album with the song "AI." Its video sees Ghostemane return to his stop-motion video format, as seen in last year's "Bonesaw" and "Gatteka" videos.

ANTI-ICON follows up the 2018 album N/O/I/S/E, his most aggressive and advanced work yet. The forthcoming album also follows up his recent return to black metal. In May, Ghostemane announced his new side project Baader-Meinhof.

The "Lazaretto" video is available to stream below.

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