Florida artist Ghostemane cannot be pigeonholed into one genre. The musician is well-known for his rap skills fused with metal elements. Recently, he shared a new EP from his black metal side project Baader-Meinhof.

The new self-titled EP out via Blackmage Records features three original songs entitled "Evil Lives," "Stuck In The Hard Place" and "To The Grave."

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This serves as a departure from other Ghostemane tracks with heavy trap beats and quick rhymes. He has previously collaborated with the likes of Pouya, Killstation, Lil Peep and many others.

In typical black metal fashion, Baader-Meinhof is infused with several riffs, muddy bass lines, blast beats and guttural screams. Check out the full EP below.

However, this is not the artist's first experience with metal. In 2019, his side project released their 3-track debut Evil Beneath a Veil of Justice. "Enter Abaddon," "Alchemical Transmutation" and "Event Horizon" appear on the EP.

Previously, Ghostemane also collaborated with Ho99o9 on sludgy, metal track "Twist Of Fate/ Cobra."

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More on Ghostemane

Earlier this year, Ghostemane experienced a concert conundrum. Seeing him live is typically a chaotic experience but his show Nov. 19 was more chaotic than usual.

The rapper’s show was canceled after opening act Horus the Astroneer (also Ghostemane’s brother) allegedly got in an altercation with venue security and their sound tech.

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Attendees say Horus “talked shit” and “threw a temper tantrum about” the venue’s sound tech. This led to security allegedly taking him outside of the venue ending with Horus’ nose being broken.

Other attendees are saying that as a result, Ghostemane threatened to shoot up the venue.

The venue made a post explaining their reasoning for shutting down the show, saying it was due to “a safety issue driven by an altercation and the subsequent escalating aggression inside and outside of our venue.”

Check out the full story here.