Gibson just released the new Noel Gallagher J-150, a recreation of the musician's Gibson J-150. Gallagher has used his acoustic Gibson for over 20 years, first making an appearance with it in the music video for OasisLittle By Little.

The Noel Gallagher J-150 has a AA maple back and sides with a spruce top, finished in Vintage Sunburst. The guitar includes an adidas trefoil decal, matching the set that adorns Gallagher’s original. The limited run of 200 guitars will come with a custom case, signed label and hand-written lyric sheet. You can view all the specs for the guitar here.

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Gibson shared the release on their Twitter account, writing, “For over 25 years, Noel Gallagher has been at the forefront of British music and has established himself as one of the world’s most prolific songwriters. Gibson is proud to launch a limited run of 200 pieces of Noel’s go-to acoustic, the J-150.”

Gallagher was the main songwriter and lead guitarist for the British rock band Oasis. He also sang for the band occasionally until his departure in 2009. Additionally, he fronts Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

Gallagher explained how he immediately fell in love with the J-150 when Gibson interviewed him about his relationship to the guitar.

“When Gibson brought the prototype down and I saw it there on the floor, I was like, ‘It looks the bollocks, man,’ but then it sounded exactly like mine,” Gallagher says. “I was blown away!”

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The artist also spoke about his comfort with the instrument.

“There’s just something about it,” Gallagher continues. “I find it very, very easy to write songs on this guitar.”

EU Head of Marketing at Gibson Brands Lee Bartram spoke fondly of working with Gallagher. Bartram also addressed the significance of the musician's career.

“Noel Gallagher’s music not only defined a generation, but it also became the foundation to a way of life for many around the world,” Bartram says. “Truly great music has the capacity to transport you to a moment in your life… a snapshot in time, one of life’s reference points. Noel’s music does that for millions who listen to his songs and travel to somewhere else, somewhere they believe they can be a rock ‘n’ roll star… even if it’s for that briefest of moments. It’s been an honor to work with such an iconic artist and bringing this project to life is a small token of thanks for that music… and the belief that comes with it.”

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Gallagher recently released two singles, “We’re On Our Way Now” and “Flying On The Ground.” He also released a best-of album, Back The Way We Came: Vol. 1 (2011-2021), to celebrate 10 years of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

“We’re On Our Way Now” has Gallagher’s trademark sound. The track features slightly melancholy guitar paired with dark lyrics that give way to an upbeat, more positive chorus. 

The buoyant “Flying On The Ground” incorporates horns and an angelic background chorus to create a brighter, more cheerful sound.

News of Gibson creating a custom Noel Gallagher guitar was first teased to the public in January of 2021. Gibson also announced Orianthi, Tom Petty and Slash signature acoustics at the same time.