Git Some

Loose Control

Git Some have long been pigeonholed as "that ex-Planes Mistaken For Stars band." But the truth is, Git Some existed before guitarist Chuck French and bassist Neil Keener joined the final incarnation of Planes—and accordingly, Git Some are their own beast entirely. Jittery, discordant and blistering, the Denver quartet's new full-length, Loose Control, is actually their tightest release to date. Amid throat-throttling basslines and guitars that veer from classic-rock licks to feedback blitzkriegs, the disc takes abrasive cues from the Monorchid and the Jesus Lizard while conceding territory to stoner-rock low-end. The biggest shock comes from frontman Luke Fairchild; pegged as a batshit-crazy wildman due to his explosive stage antics, here he reveals a lyrical (and even melodic) depth that complements the full-scale chaos. The same could be said of Loose Control as a whole: Scratch the shit-smeared surface and there's a spastic, lethal logic ticking away.

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"A Not So Subtle Reminder"