Git Some

Exhaustion = Feracity EP

The first thing Git Some would probably appreciate us clearing up is the fact that they’ve been around for 10 years. Even though guitarist Chuck E. French and bassist Neil Keener feature in both this band and the late, great (sometimes reunited) Planes Mistaken For Stars, it’s obvious they are very separate entities with little in common, outside of their love for unkempt facial hair. Where Planes’ weirdness was more of a slow-burn, stick-the-knife-in-and-twist flirtation with progressive darkness and post-hardcore/metal, Git Some sound like four dudes hopping on the fastest, freakiest train back to ’90s San Diego with a vocalist feeding sputum-covered coal into the time- and space-bending locomotive.

Each of the three songs on this 7-inch is a discordant and combustible conflagration of Nation Of Ulysses, Swing Kids and Retox, with the dirge “Accountability Starts With Me” recalling the off-kilter, padded-room stomp of the Cows. There are some extremely noisy demons chiseling against the inside of frontman’s Lucius Fairchild’s cranium, and it comes out in the form of a high-pitched snarl that first-time parents might equate with an inconsolable sprog having a tantrum, albeit alongside dirty guitar fills and an excellent chorus in “Wipe The Brain.” The trio of tracks on Exhaustion = Feracity are mere teasers and hints of the sonic mayhem of which Git Some are capable. It’ll be interesting to see how this creative expression and cathartic din translates on the band’s next full-length

Alternative Tentacles

“Wipe The Brain”