Glacier Veins are back with a new cover of Jawbreaker’s classic song “Accident Prone.” They also dropped a reimagined version of their original track “Circles” off their debut full-length The World You Want To See.

The two releases coincide with the one-year anniversary of the band’s first album. The group’s label Equal Vision Records had teased the new recording on social media earlier this week. They also announced the band would host a livestream Feb. 26 on their own Twitch channel to celebrate the milestone.

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Glacier Veins' debut full-length was released last year via Equal Vision Records/Common Ground Collective. The record followed a pair of EPs, 2016’s Clear Your Head and 2017’s Dreamspace.

The band has gradually been winning over fans with a string of releases from their first album. Back in 2019, the group’s lead single “Talk” established them as a band to watch. That was followed up with “Feel Better Now,” which earned them accolades as 2020 came to a close.

Now, Glacier Veins are pushing forward into 2021. However, band leader Malia Endres says one of the two songs is actually an older recording.

“We recorded ‘Accident Prone’ in 2018 as what was supposed to be a part of a film that never came to fruition,” Endres says. “It was an enjoyably interesting process weaving our sound into a Jawbreaker song and we’re excited to share what feels like a trip into the past for us as new music for you all.”

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In this sense, the pair of songs perfectly captures the band’s journey. “This has been a gradual thing over the last three years, but I've been a lot more tuned in to my own thoughts,” Endres continues. “If I ever feel my thoughts becoming too negative or pessimistic, I try and turn it around and see something good out of it.”

Glacier Veins’ “Accident Prone” and “Circles” are available to stream here or below. The World You Want To See can also be listened to here.

How does Glacier Veins’ cover of “Accident Prone” compare to the original? Let us know in the comments below.