Go Radio made their return to music for the first time in seven years with 2019's "Say It Again." Now, the band are back with an emotional new song called "So Love."

For Go Radio, they hope that "So Love" will bring a sense of comfort to listeners during these current times.

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The long wait for new music from Go Radio ended in 2019. Not only did the band release a new song called "Say It Again," but they also released a revisited version of their hit "Goodnight Moon." The single continues to be one of Go Radio's most popular with over 22 million streams on Spotify.

Now, Go Radio are back with a new song. As well, the band have announced that "So Love" marks their first release as an independent band. In 2019, Go Radio put out "Say It Again" via Fearless Records.

"Today our first ever self-released music is put into the universe for everyone to hear," the band share. "‘So Love’ is remarkably important to us for oh so many reasons. It’s our first shot at putting out music on our own. It’s the culmination of our journey so far which somehow led us to the impossible 2020. And if we’re being honest the vulnerability of really hoping people like it is almost overwhelming."

For Go Radio, the release of "So Love" is significant. The band created the song "well before" this year. However, they feel that the song could bring some comfort to listeners during these current times.

"The world can feel pretty dark," they continue. "Bad news and negative vibes echo our everyday lives. People are sick and dying. Cultures are oppressed. Truth be told, we wrote this song well before 2020 turned into what it has. But the message that we wrote then is amplified in the setting of our current lives."

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As the coronavirus pandemic and its repercussions continue, Go Radio want this song to stand as a reminder of the better times in life.

"‘So Love’ is an acknowledgment to the idea that we should already know. What matters most is to give love," they say. "It’s an anthem to and a reminder that that matter what arises love and be loved. You should know that you’re worth it. So please give ’So Love’ at least one listen. It might resonate. This is life and we don’t make it out alive. So love."

Go Radio's Alexander Reed also discussed the meaning behind "So Love" and how it was recorded amid the pandemic. The band worked with producer James Paul Wisner and it was almost completed before the pandemic hit.

"This song was mostly done in the studio with our producer @jamespaulwisner in Orlando," Reed says. "Before we had a chance to go back and finish it, COVID happened and all plans to get back in the studio were put on pause. This song is about love and the broader message is what the world really needs right now...unity and teamwork."

In order to complete the song, Go Radio worked on it remotely in their homes. For the band, the process was vastly different than what they have done in the past.

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"To finish this song all four of us worked tirelessly at our own homes tracking the finishing touches, sending them back and forth, and then consulting with our producer," Reed continues. "This one took a lot of communication, a lot of patience and a lot of love. It’s more than just a song to me, it’s an example of how much better the world is when people come together. We need a lot of that right now. I hope this one finds you well."

"So Love" is available to stream below.

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