20ninescene may almost be over, but it's the year of reunions and they just keep on coming. Go Radio shared their first single since 2012 with upbeat new track, "Say It Again."

In July, Go Radio fans were sent into a frenzy of hope and pure panic as the band released a photo sparking rumors of their return.

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The band took to social media to share a photo of frontman Jason Lancaster, bassist Matt Poulos and guitarist Alex Reed sitting in a room together looking like they were working on music. Meanwhile, drummer Steven Kopacz is in the upper corner of what may be a Facetime call.

In September, they shared a video on Instagram officially announcing the group's return.

“It’s been six years. In August of 2013 we played our final show in Houston, Texas. The four of us wouldn’t all be in the same place again until July of this year.
Six years is a long time. We each had a long way to go to get to this point, but time has a way of putting things into perspective. For each of us, Go Radio continues to be among our biggest sources of pride. Since 2007, we have loved our Go Radio family, the music we have made, and – whether we acknowledged it or not – each other.

Now, Go Radio have dropped their first single since their hiatus with "Say It Again" via Fearless Records. Before their break, they dropped several albums including two EPs. Their last release, Close The Distance, made it's debut in October of 2012 and was the band's second full length.

The track is available to stream and download here. Check the lyric video out below!

What do you think of Go Radio's "Say It Again?" Let us know in the comments below!

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