The Young And The Hopeless from Good Charlotte is turning 17. Can you believe it?

This classic album influenced a generation of kids who felt like outcasts and put the band in the spotlight with their breakthrough singles “The Anthem,” “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous” and “Girls & Boys.” (So. Many. Hits.)

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We're sure you've screamed the lyrics to "The Anthem" many times in the past, but can you sing along to the song today? Take the quiz below to find out if you still can make the Madden brothers proud with your The Young And The Hopeless knowledge!

More on Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte might be celebrating 17 years on one of their most influential records, but the band are still hustling to this day. The band closed out the end of last year with the release of Generation Rx, their seventh studio album.

Last October, they dropped their latest video for “Self Help.” The new video follows the release of a compassionate “Prayers” clip that zeroes in on the struggle facing many immigrant families in the U.S., and it featured an actual friend of the band. In the video, the family live and work in fear of possible deportation by I.C.E.

The band performed the track during an NFL halftime show earlier this month as the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Denver Broncos.

The new video for “Self Help” follows a protagonist prepping for a fight. From working out to practicing on a punching bag, the scenes fall in line with lyrics such as “And it cuts like a knife/It feels like a fight to take back your life.”

The story is mixed in with an emotional live performance from the band. The video is directed by Jake Stark who has worked with artists such as Chase Atlantic and the Dose, and the latter who hit the road with GC last fall.

Check out the latest video here.