Good Charlotte have announced their seventh studio album Generation RX with the release of the Lp's first single "Actual Pain."

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The news comes after weeks of cryptic teasing from the band, and a recent announcement that they signed to BMG. Earlier this week, the band shared a cryptic video of the skeleton/corpse figures we'd been seeing in different clips on the band's Instagram account. We'd previously seen the strange figures in past videos on the band's account as well as on albums from other artists (including Garth Brooks, Celine Dione and Kenny G) and over images of GC in different eras. 

Now we know that it was referenceing the Generation Rx album cover, which shows the members of Good Charlotte with their faces painted as we've been seeing in all the teasers.

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Check out "Actual Pain" below!

Generation RX marks the band's first release since 2016's Youth Authority.

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