Watch the lyric video for Good Riddance’s “Running On Fumes,” taken from their latest album, Peace In Our Time, which is out now on Fat Wreck Chords. 

Catch the band at Groezrock this weekend.

Below, vocalist Russ Rankin talks about each track from the album:

1. Disputatio - This song is about sticking to your guns in the face of criticism, about being unafraid to engage in debate from a position of confidence. 

2. Contrition - This deals with US foreign policy, particularly its fondness for extraordinary rendition and torture.

3. Take It To Heart - This is about searching for the reasons why so many of us still choose to consume animal products, despite the incalculable     reasons not to. 

4. Half Measures - This song discusses the inherent shortcomings of the human condition, and the difficulty in mending broken relationships.

5. Grace And Virtue - This song is about finding the empathy and compassion to forgive those who have wronged us, and wishing good things for them.

6. No Greater Fight - This one deals with the urgency of climate change, and needing to take quick, decisive action to change our current course.

7. Dry Season - This song is about the myriad conflicts in the Middle East throughout history, and the hopelessness felt by those who try to figure out solutions to them.

8. Teachable Moments - This is about the GOP, religious right, and general bigotry, fear, and xenophobia which consume American life. It’s about taking a stand against those who prefer regression to progression.

9. Washed Away - Another song about climate change and the imminent threat it presents, also addressing our collective ignorance and hubris with regards to the issue.

10. Our Better Nature - This is a song about embracing hope in the face of despair, endeavoring to be better human beings, and stewards of positive change in the world.

11. Shiloh - A song about war and its latent futility.

12. Running On Fumes - This song is about the lies Americans tell ourselves as our country descends into xenophobic mediocrity, and the poverty of information facing our children as they prepare to inherit a tragically mismanaged world.

13. Year Zero - A song about climate change, and certain regret many of us will experience when we finally realize we have begun to correct our course too late, and that the earth has passed beyond repair.

14. Glory Glory - This song is about the ideological shortcomings of the religious right, and how American society continues to cower under its dogmatic weight.