Google just released its annual "Year in Search" statistics. The results are often telling of what was eventful that year. They also highlight things that seemed to be a big deal at the time and were often searched but the frenzy simmered down.

Amongst several categories, there are a few notable names. Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, Stranger Things, and Disney+ all were heavily searched this year.

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Google breaks down popular searches into a bunch of different categories. News, Movies, Celebrities, Tv shows and even Babies all have their own top search lists.

The most Googled thing overall this year is rather surprising given how recently it appeared. Disney+ takes the top spot for overall searches in the United States. This makes sense because The Mandalorian took the #5 spot for Television Shows and adorable Baby Yoda took #1 for most Googled babies. Baby Yoda is quite the underdog story given the phenomenon of Baby Shark and the royal babies this year.

The late Cameron Boyce and Nipsey Hussle took spots two and three for most overall searches.

The ridiculous Area 51 raid took the #4 spot for most-Googled news with Hurricane Dorian taking the top spot. Area 51 also grabbed the number one spot in the "What is..." category. Jussie Smollet, James Charles and R. Kelly were all in the top five for most Googled people.

Rather predictably, Avengers: Endgame grabbed the top spot for movies. Captain Marvel, Joker, Toy Story 4 and The Lion King followed. In the same vein, Game of Thrones and Stranger Things grabbed the top two spots for television shows.

Musically, R. Kelly, Lil Nas X and Bille Eilish all grabbed spots in the top five for Musicians/Bands. Lil Nas X, of course, took the most Googled song with his runaway hit "Old Town Road". We're honestly shocked My Chemical Romance did not make the top five.

Perhaps the thing we're most proud of is the fact that Shepard's Pie was the #1 search for recipes with Snickerdoodle cookies grabbing #5.

For the full list of results that you can filter by country, head here. Then, tell us what you think about the results in the comments!

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