Readers beware, you’re in for a scare. Many of us grew up with R.L. Stine’s famous Goosebumps books and TV episodes. Frankly, the ’90s wouldn’t have been the same without these spooky Friday night shows that shaped us all up to have some pretty irrational fears. 

For nostalgic, cheesy horror fans, good news has arrived. Producers are currently developing a new live-action Goosebumps series. You might just see some of your old favorites revived for the future show. 

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Check out 10 monsters and phenomena shared in the Goosebumps series that haunted us as children and still make us shiver as adults. 

1. Garden gnomes
Goosebumps, revenege of the lawn gnomes

[Photo via YouTube][/caption]In “Revenge Of The Lawn Gnomes,” two garden gnomes come to life at night and destroy a strict neighbor’s lawn, getting the two central characters in trouble. To this day, lawn ornaments of any kind, especially toddler-sized gnomes, are a definite no for Goosebumps fans. Even though it was “just a TV show,” many are certainly not taking the chance. 

2. Dummies

Even if you’re not a major Goosebumps fan, you’re more than likely aware of the “Night Of The Living Dummy” episodes featuring Slappy The Dummy. He also appears in both the 2015 and 2018 Goosebumps films. Puppets in real life give many people the creeps thanks to Stine. Being around dummies brings on the irrational fear that it’ll accidentally come to life. Straight up, no one has time to become a slave to a haunted puppet.

3. Talking plants

The two-part episode entitled “Stay Out Of The Basement” really takes the beautiful and simple plant, which lines your window sills, and makes it spooky. Two kids find out their dad was actually a plant who resembled him perfectly and trapped their real father downstairs. At the end of the episode, the flowers outside start talking like their father as well. Moral of the story: Don’t trust a plant that can talk in any capacity. 

4. Vampire potatoes 

The vampire potato makes a short cameo appearance in the episode “It Came From Beneath The Sink.” The seemingly innocent vegetable opens its mouth to reveal sharp teeth, proving that you can never be too careful around your produce. 

5. Mummified cat
goosebumps, mummified cat

[Photo via Goosebumps Wiki][/caption]Hopefully very few of you will get a real-life cursed mummy with one creepy, exposed eyeball mailed to your front doorstep like the family from “Don’t Wake Mummy.” On the off chance you do, be sure to check for mummified pets. Certainly don’t open the door for a meowing cat, either. It just might be a mummified feline coming to haunt you. 

6. Finding out your librarian is a monster

Many of us have had teachers or school staff members who seem like they’re monsters, but in “The Girl Who Cried Monster,” Lucy finds out her librarian is a real-life monster who has giant eyes and eats spiders. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending if your parents are monsters, too. 

7. Using old-fashioned cameras

A young Ryan Gosling starred in the episode “Say Cheese And Die,” where a mysterious camera would take pictures revealing future accidents that inevitably happen to the subject of the photo. No thanks, we’ll just stick with our Snapchat selfies and horoscopes. 

8. Wearing Halloween masks

One of Stine’s most popular books includes The Haunted Mask, where those kids who go as a scary-masked monster for Halloween slowly become the monster themselves. There are other things to dress up as for Halloween, right? Even some simple twenty one pilots face paint will stop the unlikely possibility that our face would fuse to a mask. 

9. TV remotes

Consider Goosebumps’ episode “Click” the slightly more kid-friendly version of the Adam Sandler comedy film of the same name. In both pieces of work, we learn that universal remotes are a bad idea. They’re convenient up until the whole mind-control stuff. Amazon Alexa better stay in her lane when we start using her to change channels. 

10. Ghost dogs

Stine is such a good horror writer, he even ruined dogs. The haunting canines in “The Barking Ghost” swap lives with two innocent kids and become human. Hopefully, all of your dogs have solely good intentions. Additionally, the recent Goosebumps movie starring Jack Black even features a vampire poodle. Who thought Stine would have the power to make fun-loving pets feel a little creepy?