Netflix is riddled with countless stand-up specials and shows from comedians. From The Daily Show’s Hasan Minhaj and Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Chelsea Peretti to Donald Glover’s (also known as Childish Gambino) comedy special, you would have thought that the streaming service would have covered every type of humor that joke enthusiasts could ever want.

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They’re missing one very niche area of humor, though. Meet 28-year-old Oliver Graves, a goth comedian. He traded in a typical comedy blazer for a ripped red shirt, black wig and black eye makeup.

Instead of talking about his kids and making fun of his marriage like most comics do, he took the audience to a hilariously dark place of his own creation. Each punchline threw a new curveball of confusion and delight at the America’s Got Talent audience this 2018 season.

The judges were delighted by his dry sense of humor and expressionless delivery. Graves began to tear up onstage after the AGT audience roared with excitement during a standing ovation. When judges pointed out his reaction, he noted that didn’t get booked for many shows. Even seasoned comic and America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel told Graves, “Enjoy your free time right now because you are gonna be a busy man.”

Graves made it to the Judge Cuts rounds before he was sent home. This was his final performance.

Although he was sent home, this goth comic is not done. He has grown in popularity and in Twitter followers. Since his appearance on the show, he has appeared on comedy club stages across the states, and we hope he comes to a city near us.

He is even our inspiration for this Halloween season and every season.