Classes are right around the corner, and with that comes moving into a dorm or maybe even your first apartment. Moving on from your childhood can be quite the transition, but maturity is a part of life, and you probably want your next dwelling to reflect that. If you don’t know how you should decorate your new place, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with these goth decor ideas.

Because being goth or emo isn’t just a phase, here’s 10 items that will give your new dorm or apartment a mature goth flair.

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1. Mini chandelier – $38.49
goth decor chandelier

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Who needs traditional lighting? A mini chandelier would not only brighten up your space, but it’ll also set the aesthetic for the rest of the room. Because you just have to plug it into an outlet, it’s easy to move it around the ceiling and see where it fits best.

2. Wall sconces – $15.16
Goth Decor Wall Sconce

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To go with the chandelier, wall sconces add more personality to a room. Pair them with battery-operated candles, and you add a nice lighting effect to your dorm without violating any fire codes.

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3. Simple desk – $89.99

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Moving into your first apartment and need something sleek to bring your bedroom together? A black desk can do the trick without breaking the bank. It may not offer much for decoration, but keeping things simple allows for more dramatic accents elsewhere.

4. Sheer bed canopy – $44.99
goth decor canopy

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A wispy, sheer bed canopy allows you to have some privacy while still being able to be aware of what’s going on around you. The last thing you need is to scare a roommate who didn’t know you were in the room because they couldn’t see you behind the sheet.

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5. Coffin cork board – $24.99
goth decor cork board

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There’s no better way to keep track of everything you need to do than with a cork board, and this one is just the right shape to add some personality to your room. 17 inches in height and 10-and-a-half inches wide, it’s the perfect size for your wall and leaves room for other decorations.

6. Floor lamp – $80.74
goth decor lamp

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Lamps are the perfect addition for a room you don’t always want flooded in light because a roommate is asleep, but you still need to see. This floor lap would go well in the corner or by your desk, illuminating late-night, Monster-driven cram sessions.

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7. Black with white sofa – $729.70
goth Decor couch

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If your budget is one that will allow you to buy a nice couch, we recommend this one. The sofa is big enough to seat several people comfortably if you’re going to have company over, and the white stripe isn’t dramatic enough to take away from the rest of the room.

8. Sheer window drapes – $5.99
goth decor curtains

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These curtains will give your place an air of sophistication while also providing privacy. The black also allows for less light to be let in, keeping the space nice and dark, because who needs sunlight anyway?

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9. Victorian accent bench – $149.99

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Whether you set it in front of your bed or against the wall, the bench will offer more room for company. The buttons and tuft give it a Victorian-era feel while providing a comfortable place to set or rest your feet.

10. Area rug – $74.49

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Nothing pulls a room together like a good-looking rug, and just because you’re goth doesn’t mean everything has to be totally black. It’s small enough to be placed in the middle of the floor without getting in the way of furniture, and the monochrome design will give your room a stylish finish.

Which is your favorite goth decoration? Let us know in the comments below!