With the rise of Instagram, we’ve come across some insanely talented artists who have pushed the boundaries of nail art into the stratosphere. From intricate acrylic shapes to 3D designs, these nails trends are perfect for fall and easily prove that French tips are so 10 years ago. Whether you want spooky and fun or ornate and elegant, there’s a perfect gothic nail design out there for you. Here are some of our favorites.

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Coffin nails

Rounded tips and square tips just got a badass younger brother. Say hello to our new favorite nail shape: coffins! This hybrid between long, round tips and traditionally squared off tips is guaranteed to get you into the Halloween spirit.

Spiky vampire claws 

If you’re not feeling the coffins, how about adding some extra sharp vampire claws to your look? This dramatic style has been taking Instagram by storm with its exaggerated, edgy feel.


Nails inspired by movies

Sometimes the shape of the nail isn’t what’s important; sometimes it’s what’s on the nails that counts. Nail artists around the world have been killing the art game recently bringing to life some of your favorite movies to fashion forward nails, whether it be The Nightmare Before Christmas or a classic horror movie such as Silence Of The Lambs.


Nails with moon phases

Could these be the perfect Gothic nails? ❤ @nailsbybreee

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Spooky, yet stylish, keeping track of the various phases of the moon is a perfect way to celebrate the oncoming of autumn with all its iconic harvest moon festivals on the horizon.


Ornate geometric nails

Lines, lines and more lines. Who knew what you learned in geometry could be so aesthetically pleasing? While many people opt for more abstract styles, we tend to favor those that pay tribute to our favorite flannel shirts.


Matte black nails

Matte really is the new black, and taking away the sheen from a traditional nail polish has been steadily gaining traction in the beauty community.


Ombre nails

???? it's coming

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French tips get a twist with these colorful ombre nails. While this look works with any color combination, we’re definitely partial to orange and black.