Just because you’re goth doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy a joke every now and then, right? What’s life if you’re unable to poke fun at yourself and others? Because we love you (I know, love is misery, blah, blah, blah; but we’ll take the suffering) and your uncanny ability to conjure death and the great beyond, we’ve compiled some of our favorite goth memes to darken your already pitch-black soul. Some might hit a little too close to home. Sorry about that. Goth on!

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Blood = goth

If My Chemical Romance (circa Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge-era, but also The Black Parade, but also always) taught us anything, it’s that revenge is goth, and blood is definitely goth. Forget the wine, it’s time to dine on the not-so-innocent.

Raven’s day out

Some people read Edgar Allan Poe poems, goths live them.

Satan vs. Santa

As if Christmastime when everyone is jolly and you’re forced to hang out with your parents and go to church and all that stuff wasn’t terrible enough! Hail Satan.

Goth mode all day, errrday

Goth meme

See what we mean?


Goth meme

When your friends are hungry and there’s only one place goth enough to satisfy your decrepit diet…

Docs for life

Goth meme

It’s a lifestyle, honestly.

The only hat you need

Goth meme

This is your response when someone asks about your political beliefs.

Me, always

I mean…how much more explanation do you need?

House as dark as your soul

It works for everything, really….